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As a trainer, the most challenging and common physical problems I encounter are very subtle. A horse may be unable to engage its hindquarters correctly, demonstrate discomfort when asked to push off with one or both hind legs, or collect easily on one side and then struggle on the other. In these types of situations, Kyla is absolutely invaluable. She combines a chiropractor’s knowledge of the mechanics of a horse’s neck, back and pelvis with the feel of a rider and the sharp eye of a trainer. She takes the time to truly understand each horse’s strengths and weaknesses prior to beginning her treatment. As a former professional rider and trainer, she understands the physical and mental demands of training and competition, and she uses this knowledge to recommend stretching and strengthening exercises that will help the horse hold its adjustment and maintain a strong and flexible back.
Kyla shares my belief that a horse can only perform at its best when supported by a team of knowledgeable professionals. When she feels that a horse’s issues cannot be addressed through chiropractic care alone, she is quick to recommend enlisting the help of other experts such as veterinarians, farriers, and saddle fitters. She is always willing to take the time to work directly with other members of a horse’s care team to develop the most comprehensive and effective strategy for managing its well being.
-S.T., Delano, MN
The first time I met Kyla she came to work on a barrel horse of mine who was having trouble with his trot and lope transitions. He was very stiff to the left and had trouble getting in and out of his turns. He had a bad attitude and was not willing to work. I could not believe the amount of time she spent with me and my horse talking to me and watching him move before she ever started. I was so impressed and still am every time she comes out to my house to work on my horses. She did wonders with my barrel horse. His attitude changed for the better and he found new gears and ways to move he never knew he had. Ever since that day I have used her for all of my horses! She is so personable and takes time to get to know you and your horse.  I recommend her to EVERYONE I come across. 
Recently my barrel horse Jackie was ran into a fence full speed by another horse. She was lame on her back left and stiff throughout her entire body. She also came up with swelling in her back left hip area. In a barrel horse the back end is so important and I was nervous about the injury.  Kyla of course came to the rescue! She did an adjustment on her a few days later and she is back to running the way she was before! She went on the next weekend to win the 2D senior MN NBHA state finals with a friend of mine riding her! She brough home a saddle and nice buckle for her! Without Kyla that would have never been possible. Jackie and I both can not thank you enough! 
 -A.H., Maple Plain, MN
Dr. Kyla came into our lives after some rather unpleasant behavior developed in my normally sedate 4y.o. gelding, Cosmo.  He’d had some left shoulder area stiffness and was not able to flex fully to the left in his workouts.  This was something his trainer and I just assumed was part of his conformation and figured we’d have to work around it.  His dressage training continued on until he developed another symptom.  He began to buck whenever asked for an upward canter transition.  It was sporadic initially, but over the course of a couple of weeks became routine and more energetic.  He also began to get “trippy” and went to his knees several times!  I was at a loss and, quite frankly, a little scared to ride him for fear of being bucked off.  
Upon my vet’s advice, I called Dr. Kyla and scheduled an appointment.  I must point out at this time that there was probably no greater skeptic in the world than me so I didn’t have much faith in this approach.   Dr. Kyla showed up and proceeded to do a very thorough evaluation – watching Cosmo move in all gates and directions and making little notes on her pad.  She then performed a hands-on examination and explained everything to me that she was seeing and feeling (very helpful!).  It turned out Cosmo had some pretty bad alignment issues in his croup area just above the tail – so much so that he had been holding his tail off to one side.  Dr. Kyla loosened up that area with massage and then proceeded to adjust all of his “icky” spots including his lower neck and shoulder area.  After 24 hours of rest my horse was happily back at work, moving willingly and freely!  He was so light on his feet that we virtually floated through that first ride!  I have to admit, this was pretty convincing!  We resumed our training and, with one follow up “mini” adjustment 8 weeks later, he’s been symptom free! 
I’m happy to report Cosmo hasn’t bucked ONCE since his initial adjustment and has been fully flexible and is bending beautifully in both directions.  He’s working his heart out again and appears happy to be doing so with the full use of his body and the willingness that made me fall in love with him in the first place.  I’m so thrilled to have found Dr. Kyla and will continue to make chiropractic care a routine part of my equine athlete’s life. Thank you Dr. Kyla!"
-J.M.& Cosmo
"This is my horse Furrarri. After 2 years of Chiropractic work on the rider, Kyla was able to start work on my horse because of her expertise. She has made his poll much looser, and has helped him to move free and easy by the use of her adjustments.   He is the horse I show dressage with at training level.   Thanks Kyla for helping me to feel better and my horse too.  We are a better team because of you!"

-C.P. & Furrari, Shakopee, MN

Lwood is a lab/shepherd mix who will be 13 years old on March 22nd. We came to Dr. Kyla because of his digestive issues and mobility issues.  My Healing Touch Practitioner suggested we try chiropractic care and since I have been seeing a chiropractor for 30+ years, I thought I would give it a try for Lwood.
I have seen a dramatic decrease in the number of accidents in the house since he started his chiropractic care with Dr. Kyla. In addition, he has much more normal bowel movements.  We had spent nearly 6 months and several thousand dollars on tests, supplements, antibiotics and vet care with really limited results. He was on prescription food (Science Diet ID) for 6 months and was loosing weight and muscle mass.  I have now been able to take him off of the prescription food and he is gaining back some of the lost muscle mass, especially in his rear legs.  I am totally amazed at how much he has improved.  His mobility is better, his digestion is better and my whole family is happier and less stressed.
-D.A., Golden Valley, MN
We love our chiropractor and the horses do too. So fun! Pepper is so expressive during these visits. Leaves nothing to the human imagination as to exactly how she is feeling. Love the Ahhhh, I'm in heaven look we get through half closed eyes! Thank you Dr. Kyla Awes!
- J.B., Lakeville, MN 
"Thank you Kyla for performing basically a miracle with Lacey our Palomino QH. Lacey's mood went from somewhat unable and unwilling to work to calm and cooperative! Leah pulled an 8th and 10th at the State Show and also performed well at the Palomino Breed Show in August. Thanks Kyla!" 
-B.P., Buffalo, MN
Dear Dr. Kyla,
Thank you for coming out and adjusting me and my friends Tweak and Sonny.  I hope you enjoyed going for a ride in my cart, too.  We will be good "ponies" and have Nancy help us with our exercises, especially before we go to the first show in May with our carts.  See you in 3 months or so.
Your friend,
Hi Kyla,
What a fantastic day! Just got back from the barn and I had to tell you about our workout. After grooming Lily I took her into the arena to lunge her. Wondering if and how often she would pick up her right lead, after the trouble she's had the past 6 weeks. She went left just fine - seemed comfortable and in a great mood. Did a lot of stretching as she warmed up. Switched the clip to the other side and started her off to the right. She walked a bit, then trotted, stretched, and then -- PICKED UP HER RIGHT LEAD the first time and did a good 10 - 12 circles comfortably around the arena. I was so tickled. But that's not the amazing part. She was feeling SO good, that she switched into a gear I've never seen - head low, back straight, correct lead, and literally flew around the arena for a full circle, never really even pulling on the line. She was amazing! I knew she was feeling good before we started, but to see her pick up that right lead, keep it and then kick into "passing gear" - I was astonished. Just had to let you know. Thanks to you - she is feeling GOOOOD!!
If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment please contact Dr. Kyla at (952)201-3478 or email or Dr. Maya at  (952)406-2780 or email
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