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Negative Reinforcement - Is it a Good thing or Bad?

Horse training.  You either pay someone to do it for you, struggle through it yourself, or unknowingly do it every day.  Most likely, if you have a horse, you are unconsciously training him or her every time you go out to the barn.  Every action you do around your horse sends him a signal which he tries to interpret in order to protect himself or get what he wants.  If you break it down to the simplest of elements, your horse is a very basic creature: he wants to eat, sleep, and basically be left alone.

Conditioning Your Horse

It’s that time of year again.  We have emerged from the bitter cold days of winter and the warm temperatures have returned.  With the warmer weather here we are usually determined to get out and do more, and that often involves our horses.  After a more sedate approach to riding during the winter months it is important to make sure your horse is ready for the frenzy of activity that comes with summertime and show season.  
Unless you have been diligent over the winter months and have ridden your horse on a regular exercise regimen it is generally safe to say that some conditioning workouts are in order.
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